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Hey everyone! 

Apparently my blog turned one a few weeks ago (and I reached my next thousand followers) but I was in the midst of exams so I didn’t have the time to make a post celebrating my blog’s first year!!

The past year has been crazy, meeting so many amazing people on this site and I feel like I found a family *cringes at the cheesiness*

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Those in bold, hover over for a message~

demfluffycheeks | allfortheloveofoppa | junhonqs | daemn-it-dae | gracetforever | spontaneous-sublimation | youngjiae | minjup | daehyun-hyung | dyozelo | kittyinabarrel | vanillatokki | zelou | anjaels | daevils | pupsbulge | superbaptan | luctor | yoonamsaying | yonqcais | holyfuckjungdaehyun | brainboxercheetos | daelody | jaethekiller | bai-zelo | jaejaetoki | daeception

And then there are the rest of the awesome people I follow:

pupsbitch, fluffyoo, bang-yong-guks-wife, thebapfeels, ohmytablo, matokiocean, yoo-daesy, matoki-project, bbangyonggukxx, clae-hyuns, daehyun-naekkoya, daddyjongup, mrspenguinova, chibiyuki, daedaehyunnie, nutellaforbap, mr-damchu, all-the-oppas

And my awesome followers (well all my followers are awesome so YAY FOR AWESOME FOLLOWERSSSS):

whataboutcheetos, mastahguk, nana950914, this-love-is-trauma, zeime, zelbaby, hunnieyjae, daematos, bapassion, bangtheleader, bangyongpoop, rynne-chan, daeshands, pabodae, xxkekematoxx, nicrt, jaeismine, reasons-i-live, plastic-puppet, bi-ail-pile-yessir, roargoesthemeow

I’m so sorry if I left anyone out. I remembered these URLs and people by heart and honestly I’m not good at remembering. These are the URLS that appear somewhere on my blog every day so thats how I remember them, I’m a loser LOL

But I’m thankful to have gained followers who enjoy my blog and enjoy talking to me and take joy in my pain loljk. ALL of you are awesome and ILY! 

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Zico intentionally trying to annoy Taewoon during their phone call — and then being happy because he succeeded, lol.

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140612 Cultwo Show
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Seductive Flower Boys

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Maknae getting really excited.

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