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It seems ridiculous to remake and repost a gif that has 180,000 notes in the original post, but I just wanted to make an updated and improved version that makes the most of the new 2Mb gif limit.

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140621 Best of Best Concert © twoS.HOME
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ASTA TV + STYLE | July 2014 | scans by La Esperanca | DO NOT EDIT

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xiulay look like disgruntled parents raising rebellious teenage kyungsoo

"i think your shirt is very inappropriate it says ‘bad boy’ in old english font are you trying to join a gang? i only ask because i care"

"where did i go wrong i didn’t raise you like this"

with big brother jongdae embarrassed of them all

"when in public we’re not related you mickey mouse club reject"

sungyeol crying watching video message from infinite

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infinite x white

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