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Greatest moment in recent Big Bang history

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There’s a box in Dongwoo’s room. One day, Dongwoo’s mom said that she was going to throw it out but Dongwoo refused. Dongwoo’s mom asked why and he said that it has the debt that he has to pay for his whole life. Inside, there’s the receipts of what Dongwoo’s parents have bought for him and a paper written with every little thing that his parents have done for him. Dongwoo’s mom cried after that.

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junhee and siwon’s IM conversation…

kang junhee: tell me what’s wrong… (is it a) secret?
cool cool siwon: mhm, secret, one that i’m never going to tell anyone for as long as i live
kang junhee: …then… i’ll tell you one of my secrets. tell me
cool cool siwon: your secret won’t even come close
kang junhee: i bet you mine’s stronger…
cool cool siwon: just then my parents… i saw them doing it…
kang junhee: … … . 
cool cool siwon: see … your secret is a drop in the bucket
kang junhee: to be honest, i…
kang junhee: like… yoonjae…

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infinite 207/365 ∞ hoya 30/52

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(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

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